Legal Matters in the Rap Game

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Yo, it’s time to drop some knowledge about the legal game,
Bringing you the lowdown, ain’t that a shame?
From electronic signatures to templates for start-up costs,
We got the info to help you avoid legal loss.
First up, let’s talk about e-signatures,
Are they binding legally? We’ll give you the lectures.
Next, let’s define ex parte for you,
To help you understand the law like you’re supposed to do.
Want to know if it’s legal to hunt elephants anywhere?
We got the elephant hunting laws to make it clear.
We also got the scoop on Iowa legalized weed,
Don’t miss out on the updates we’ll help you heed.
For those looking for a start-up business costs template,
We got you covered to keep your cash flow ample.
Now, let’s not forget about the legally binding e-signatures,
We’ll make sure you don’t sign something that figures.
We’ve covered all these legal matters in the rap game,
Now you’re equipped with knowledge to avoid legal shame.

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