Legal Rap

Yo, listen up, gonna lay down the law,

From equity to interpretation, no flaw,

First up, the law of equity, fair and just,

Brings balance to contracts, in which we trust,

Then comes the rules of statutory interpretation, a guide,

To understand laws, and never be denied,

Can I cancel a contract after 3 days? Let’s see,

Legal advice on rights, so you can be free,

Know the cross product laws, not to be ignored,

For legal explanation, and application, rest assured,

Driving in Colorado, remember the chain laws,

Requirements and penalties, no room for flaws,

How long is a contract good for? That’s the question,

Understanding durations, avoiding any aggression,

At the Norris Legal Family Office, expert advice you seek,

For all your legal needs, strong and not meek,

Curious about rent to rent business, it’s a legal game,

A legal overview, not just in name,

For ICE job requirements, essential they are,

Criteria and process, reaching for the star,

And lastly, LegalZoom LLC publication, for forms and preparation,

Legal advice and documents, for your legal foundation.

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