Rappin’ Legal: All About Laws and Agreements

Yo, listen up, I got the 411 on laws and agreements

If you’re lookin’ for an apartment rental lease agreement form, I got the hook-up

Need to know about helium balloon gas laws? I’ll break it down for you

Got questions about Columbia Law 509? I’ll spit the verses

Check out this buyer seller agreement pdf, it’s all good

When it comes to vast contract voor hypotheek, I got the lowdown

Wanna know ’bout legal breaks in 8 hour shift? I’ll lay it out

Watch out for these law firm names in England, they’re fly

Got a store rental agreement to sort out? I got your back

Are cryptocurrencies legal in Canada? I’ll school you on that

Fo’ all y’all needin’ the 49 cfr packaging requirements, I got it locked

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